The Blind Cupid Shakespeare Company joins the Manchester Fringe festival with their English-Italian version of The Comedy of Errors/La Commedia degli Errori


Poster by Alexandr Kireev

The Blind Cupid Shakespeare Company’s English-Italian version of The Comedy of Errors/La Commedia degli Errori goes to the Manchester Fringe!


After a successful run in New York’s “So Many Shakespeare’s 2021” Festival with Sour Grapes Productions, Blind Cupid Shakespeare’s production of the Comedy of Errors is now moving to the Manchester Fringe in the UK! A bilingual play based in a quarantine world, this version of The Comedy of Errors will feature a multilingual cast in a world of separated families coming together to pursue love over hatred.


What generates errors during a pandemic? How do we find love and connection across countries in a world that is increasingly wary of travel? What does quarantine mean for the future of actors, and how do we overcome obstacles and transform them into opportunities? This multilingual adaptation shall show audiences the broad appeal of Shakespeare’s plays and highlight the need for levity, love and connection in a world that desperately needs it.


**** “The Comedy of Errors has everything you want and more in this production and is not to be missed” - Sascha Cooper, Broadway Baby


“Under JT Stock's beautiful direction, The Comedy of Errors/La Commedia degli Errori dares to go to lengths that most productions would never dare go to” - Alison Bridget Chambers, Broadway World


This production shall feature a wealth of multi-national artists from the UK, US, Italy, Mexico and Turkey. The show will be streamed via Youtube from the 12th-30th of September! Tickets can be found at



Ticket sales shall contribute to Blind Cupid’s future plans to bring Shakespeare’s work to the Costa Blanca in Spain and other areas throughout the world that are not as exposed to the Bard.




Duke Solinus/Doctor Pinch/Balthazar: Joe Staton

Egeon: Stefano Guerriero

Antipholus of Ephesus/Antipholus of Syracuse: Gianluigi Calvani

Dromio of Ephesus/Dromio of Syracuse: Alice Lussiana Parente

Angelo: Ginevra Tortora

Luce/Second Merchant/Messenger: Frances Knight

Lady Abbess/Aemilia/Officer: Muge Karagulle

Adriana: Gilda Mercado

Luciana: Elize Layton